Windows Brand Book

Windows empowers people of action to do great things. This brand book is an evergreen document that showcases the Windows brand and serves as an educational guide for internal and external parties to help tell the Windows story.

Claire Anderson

Creative Director:
Chris Ashworth

Art Director:
Austin Taylor



Creative Team

Chris Ashworth, Creative Director

Austin Taylor, Art Director

Shireen Jiwan, Brand Planner

Claire Anderson, Designer

Cut Water & Design Studio, Agency Partners

The Windows Brand Book is the culmination of a year-long re brand project aimed at finding the heart and soul of Windows. Once a pop-culture phenomenon, this work took into account the brand’s 30-year history, pulling through language and key visuals from the past. This document was used extensively prior to and post the Windows 10 launch, as a key asset in educating marketing teams and agency partners on the Windows brand story.